Mexican Circus

The window overlooks the fountain, in the middle of the square. A huge round shell sits on a stone column. Seen from here, from above, it looks like an open flower. Like one of those round flowers, used by Frida Kahlo as a symbol on her long brown braids.

The window overlooks the square, in the middle of the city. Seen from here, from above, Plaza del Baratillo looks like a flower too. A handful of facades forming a corolla, and as many colours as there are houses.

The window overlooks the city. This city in central Mexico. This city that looks like a bouquet, from wherever we look at it. Ochre facades, and yellow ones. Pale red ones, crimson red ones. Some purple houses, pink ones and green ones. Yes, green ones. And royal blue, turquoise, pale blue, with thousands of windows drawn with a white outline. A jungle of colours which, in the same second, captures you and escapes from you. From wherever we look at it. Guanajuato city.