Primitive Elegance

For the Summer Collection 2018, JAMIN PUECH offers us a journey through time and space with a new collection that revisits the artistic codes of the 20's and 30's, when Primitive Art, and African Arts in particular, influenced Art Deco. When the purity of ethnically inspired graphic lines met Parisian chic.

Inspired by Man Ray's photogfraphic universe, the handcrafted lacquer work and the creations of painter Jean Dunand, the "Primitive Elegance" collection revisits Art Deco design, enhances natural tones with touches of black, gold and powder pink, blends leather and fabric with horn, wood, and mother-of-pearl and reveals hand embroidery to create exceptional 3D effects.

With witness and humor, Joséphine Baker brings her cheerfulness and exuberance and draws with her body the letters of the of the alphabet on an embroidered shopping bag.

Malicious little monkeys and majestic elephants, the animal fetishes of summer 2018, punctuate this collection in all in pure lines, graphics.