Le sac le plus romantique de la collection, le Lubava s'inspire du rêve nocturne d'un jardin enchanté, où les fleurs majestueuses brillent de leurs propres lumières éclatantes. Les magnifiques broderies fleuries de ce modèle sont réalisées avec une multitude de techniques artisanales ce qui lui donne un aspect riche et audacieux. Détails : Anse en cuir amovible et réglable Fermeture zippée Doublure en coton Poids : 700 g Dimensions : 23 x 35 cm Composition : 40% viscose ; 30% coton ; 30% cuir de vache

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Take care of your Jamin Puech bags by showing them your love.  We recommend that you always store your bags in their pouch.  To keep their original shape, remember to fill them.


Raffia is a natural fiber, with time and repeated exposure to the sun, the bright colors can fade but remain beautiful. To clean your raffia bag, call a professional.


To nourish the leather of your bags, use a microfiber cloth and a natural essential cream. It is imperative not to leave your bag near a source of heat and to avoid wearing your leather bags with lighter-colored leather clothes.


Embroidered bags require dry cleaning only. Inside each bag you will find a repair kit.


We offer a free repair service for one year after the purchase of your bag. After this period, we remain at your disposal.