The "Cin-Cin Comics" is the third chapter in “The Gallery Edition”, a unique series of limited-edition collections in collaboration with talented artists.

Created in collaboration with Marwan Chamaa, the "Cin-Cin Comics" explores the colorful world of comic books, effortlessly blending artisanal savoir-faire with pop culture.

When I lived in Germany at a very young age I fell in love with comics. I was especially drawn to the comic book covers. It was very exciting for me to look at the colorful covers and immerse myself in the colorful worlds of superheroes and fantastical adventures.

Cin-Cin Comics is a product of my passion to comics. It is a tongue in cheek comics-cover-paintings series. Cin-Cin Comics uses existing comics elements, topics, and characters as a base to satirically emphasize the cultural, political, and social landscape. Most illustrations are from the mid 50s America, giving the paintings a retro look”.

Marwan Chamaa

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