The art of the bag

Sac brodé vert

Jamin Puech is a French hand-crafted leather goods company founded in 1991.

The collection includes three main lines: leather, embroidery and raffia.

Over time, Jamin Puech has established a network of trusted craftsmen and craftswomen around the world, each with a know-how that is specific to his or her country.

Sac en poulain
sac brodé

The leather

Created in Vietnam, the models of our leather line are all entirely handmade. Originally, the models were designed to be totally unstructured, like garments of clothing, and as supple as possible.

Jamin Puech's research into shapes, materials and colour associations never ceases to amaze, and takes our customers on a journey around the world, season after season.

Studio de création
Atelier de fabrication broderie

The embroidery

The line of embroidered bags was originally imagined in India. We have been working with the same workshop of craftspeople since the very beginning. Our embroidered bags are remarkable for their wealth of detail and the precision of the work, with models that include thousands of pearls, spangles and coloured threads.

The raffia

Crocheted by our specialists in our partner workshop in Madagascar, raffia is highly robust and can be shaped using a variety of techniques, such as weaving or crocheting, into unique and inimitable models.

Because of the level of minutia required, the completion of a bag can take up to 21 days, which explains the limited quantities of our production.

Studio de création