For the winter of 2021, Jamin Puech brings together the magic of the Nordic culture and polar landscapes in a remarkable new collection. The poetry of traditional Scandinavian textile designs and architecture blends with the wonders of wildlife. In this collection, a small penguin slides on the silvery glaciers that reflect the green and turquoise luminescence of the northern lights. The bursts of yellow, ochre, red and turquoise colours of the northern little houses illuminate the Arctic snow-white lands. In these houses, we gather to listen to the songs of the poets about the courageous Vikings sailing on their drakkars adorned with mythical sculptures.


Collezione Primavera Estate 2021

For Summer 2021, Jamin Puech creates a collection inspired by the California sky, the contrasts between dazzling ocean sunsets and the burning desert mist. The collection evokes the purplish pinks and orange reds of the sun plunging behind the horizon, the deep blues and turquoises of the Pacific, the tangy yellows and greens of the wild flora. In this escapade, Jamin Puech play with deconstructed graphic and vegetal patterns. Entirely handmade, they bring an artistic and daring aspect. This summer's trendy gradients of tie & dye colours, reinterpreted in embroidery and raffia, illustrate the free Californian spirit.



For Fall/Winter 2020, Jamin Puech unveils a collection filled with magic and mystery. Mythical creatures, legendary goddesses, and fabulous tales inspire this fantastical collection. Symbols that resonate across time weave their way into a new story of handcrafted beauty: whether owls in an enchanted forest, a lucky fox embodying wisdom and freedom, or the bejeweled feathers of a peacock attracting all attention. Myths and legends give us stories of both beauty and strength, and a celebration of the natural world, which are reflected in the layered contrasts of the collection. We match soft leathers with snakeskin-effect beading, celestial constellations with earthy horn and wood, delicate florals with sharp geometrics. A rich color palette ranging from misty pastels to deep jewel tones allows our story to show both its light and dark sides. Like the great myths, the artisanal craftsmanship of this collection allows for wonder at the beauty of creation and all its forms, both real and imagined.