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Take care of your Jamin Puech bags by giving them all your love.

We advise you to always store your bags in their pouch.

To help them keep their original shape, remember to refill them.

Please note that for 1 year after the purchase of your bag, the repair is free. After this period, we are always at your disposal.


1. Bring your Jamin Puech bag purchased at least 3 years ago in one of our boutiques* in Paris or send it by mail**.

2. Receive an immediate 20% discount in the boutique or receive a code valid for one year on the entire new collection (excluding sale items) on our website.


Jamin Puech is a history of creation between Paris and the world.

Since the very beginning, the designers relentlessly travelled the globe in search of new shapes, crafts and materials.

Every piece is handmade like a work of art and adorned with elements collected along this treasure hunt: sequins, exotic wood, Asian pearls, gemstones, horn, fur, or cowrie shells from Tahiti.

Over time Jamin Puech has established a network of trusted artisans around the world, each with a specific craft from leather suppliers in Italy, master embroiderers in India or raffia crocheters in Madagascar. Each of them has become part of the Jamin Puech family and every one of our models passes through their expert hands.



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