Jamin Puech invite you to discover the artistic universe of Marwan Chamaa, a painter, designer, and storyteller.

Born in Beirut, raised in Munich, and having lived in the United States for over a decade, Marwan has the spirit of a global citizen, which is reflected in his eclectic and versatile style.

His Middle-Eastern Neo Pop-Art is a mix of fiction, reality, and vanity. 

As his renditions of his surroundings have been reinvented in terms of styles, he has always remained true to capturing and interpreting his world as he sees it to his audience, with an ironic and sometimes sarcastic tone.


"We need more love" - this is the message of Marwan Chamaa, through his pictorial works created for a new collaboration with Jamin Puech.

The sketches of naive characters in the style of an urban graffiti mural are reproduced on the hand-embroidered raffia patchwork bag, iconic of Jamin Puech, and a raffia keychain. It is a warning to the world that LOVE is in short supply and LOVE is needed especially after the pandemic that brought the world to unprecedented challenges.

Referring to the various meanings of LOVE throughout the ages, Marwan reiterates his message. The antidote to the dire state of the world is more LOVE and only more LOVE.

Each bag is numbered and will be supplied with a stamped Certificate of Authenticity.

Visit the website of Marwan Chamaa:

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